What Drives Us

There are rare and magical times in life when souls are brought together because they share a common perspective -- where no matter the age, background, or gender, there is a meeting of the minds, in purpose, focus, and determination.

Such is the case with the Victory Journey team, whose ages range from 20 to nearly 70 years of age. 

This team cares deeply about ensuring the lessons of WWII Allied soldiers (who were also united by a common goal) are remembered and revered.  It is also fueled by a passion to share something powerful with the world.

The tireless hours its crew members have spent making Victory Journey a reality are testament to their conviction that the sacrifices of WWII Allied soldiers cannot be forgotten, simply because their victory happened 75 years ago.  Their hard-won victory continues to impact our lives today -- the freedom we now share was freedom THEY bought for us -- through fighting so brutal that millions died a horrible death pursuing it,  and those that survived would return home to find their young, rudely-interrupted lives would never again be the same.

The incredible bravery, in those millions of young, WWII Allies, and their will to press on through some of the worst battles in recorded history, so pitifully outgunned by the heavily and better-equipped enemy, are the Victory Journey crew's inspiration -- and our goal as film-makers is to leave the viewer inspired by what can be achieved in the name of what is RIGHT, through sheer determination, courage and cooperation.  

This Canadian and American born team, with additional helpers in Europe, show the Victory Journey crew's various backgrounds make their own "allied" efforts strongly meaningful.  And with that in mind, we invite -- with loving, open arms -- any interest from groups or individuals who join our "meeting of the minds" with their own valuable inspiration and support.