Our Mission

Every WWII Allied soldier represented an epic sacrifice to brutal warfare – war like the world had never seen before. But how vividly are their sacrifices being remembered as the years pass?


Victory Journey, an in-progress documentary, aims to memorialize the sacrifices and lessons of Allied WWII soldiers in NW Europe as this year marks the 75th anniversary of Allied Victory. The doc will be then used to re-educate younger generations within schools and other public settings.  


Victory Journey captures a granddaughter's retracing of her grandfather's wartime route (1000 miles by bike). A Forward Observation Officer was "the eyes of the army," so his job was to sneak in behind enemy lines without being seen & radio back to his troops where to aim their gunfire, while ideally not hitting HIM.  



This Forward Observation Officer, George G. Blackburn, lived through some of the War’s most dangerous, terrifying battles (which took the lives of many) and detailed these in three award-winning books, The Guns of Normandy, The Guns of Victory, and Where The Hell Are The Guns?


Donations support Victory Journey team member research and planning from within Canada, the US and Europe. Film Commissions through NW Europe are also assisting us with interviews with WWII survivors along the deployment route of George G. Blackburn (left) from Juno Beach through Normandy, Belgium, Holland and Germany.